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Microsoft patents advertising Avatars for MMOs

Justin McElroy

As seen in documents dug up by Siliconera, Microsoft has patented what the site calls "advertars" -- Avatars generated by advertisers to pimp their products in MMOs and virtual worlds. According to the plan as it's laid out in the patent, players could be compensated with real-world currency or in-game items for listening to the pitches.

OK, we're sure that at this point, some of you have already spun around three times and thrown your 360s out the window hammer toss-style. But are there any of you who, like us, are captivated by the idea? If there's something that says "futuristic" more than being accosted by virtual Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker as they beg you to see Rush Hour 8: We Made Another One of These Movies, we haven't heard of it.

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