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T-Mobile's AppPack and Sherpa for Android leak out

Chris Ziegler

The myTouch 3G is all well and good, but seeing how the Magic on which it's based has already launched virtually everywhere else in the world, the phone itself isn't really the big news -- it's more the strong commitment T-Mobile seems to be making to Android apps with the value-add pack it's prepping. So far, shots and hands-on time with T-Mobile's so called AppPack have been hard to come by, but xda-developers has just happened to "come across" a build that's now available to anyone who wants to install it. Problem is, the AppPack doesn't currently include Sherpa -- the location-based entertainment app T-Mobile has really been pushing hard -- apparently due to some last-minute problems T-Mob's having, so for that, we turn to another corner of xda-developers for an installable APK. It's expected that the carrier will be making the AppPack available to G1 owners, but just in case they had a last minute change of heart... well, let's just say that's not a concern anymore, if you know what we mean.

[Via HTC Source, thanks DW and Matt D.]

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