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Ah yes, more sprinkles of Guild Wars 2 news

Shawn Schuster

Our friend Ravious at Kill Ten Rats is at it again with some pretty impressive detective work on the current state of Guild Wars 2. To be fair, Ravious is simply gathering the info he finds on the various Guild Wars forums from others who are doing the actual detective work, but it still makes our jobs a whole lot easier. Some of this was already known, some of it is new, but it's all interesting.

In his most recent GW2 post, we get word of a forum member named 4thVariety who has been following the trademark licensing and domain registration habits of ArenaNet's trademark lawyer, Mr. Peter J. Willsey. When GW2 was first announced, Mr. Willsey trademarked, and has since renewed the domain on March 12th of this year. Speculation, of course, centers around the fact that this may or may not be the name of the highly successful game's sequel.

In addition, some other Guild Wars Guru forum members have been following certain voice actors while they boldly discuss voicing characters for Guild Wars 2. This list of voice actors includes none other than the infamous Gregg Berger, who has an impressively-long resume of work including the 80s cartoons Transformers (as Grimlock) and G.I. Joe (as Spirit). He is no stranger to Guild Wars though, as he did a bit of voice work on GW: Factions himself.

There's also Scott McShane, whose LinkedIn profile shows his recent work to include "Kadatta, Harathi Centaur - Guild Wars 2". We already knew about the involvement of the Centaurs in Guild Wars 2, considering Ventari's importance in the storyline, but this is just that tiniest squeeze of information that gets us more excited for what's to come.

Also, as Ravious points out, voice acting in an MMO is not exactly an early stage of development. "For a poor benchmark, Warhammer Online released a video podcast on adding voice acting in March, 2008. Warhammer Online was released September, 2008." Yet he goes on to point out the flipside of that coin, "On the other hand, The Old Republic has started voice acting for their fully voice acted epic, which may be as far off as November 2010, or farther."

While these tidbits are small, it's still all we really have to go on a game that was announced several years ago with no real official information since then. While many former GW fans speculate on the fact that GW2 may or may not see the light of day, it's good to see some real evidence of its continued development.

And possibly a name?

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