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Free Realms comic coming July 29, includes in-game bonuses

Looking for some supplementary materials for Sony Online Entertainment's utterly adorable, free-to-play MMO Free Realms? You're in luck. DC Comics brand WildStorm and SOE are teaming up to publish a comic book series based on the popular online game. J.S. Lewis, the author of the Grey Griffins children's book series, will be penning the story, but let's be honest -- you won't be picking up the comics for the story.

No, we wager you'll purchase the comics because of the unlockable in-game items they'll contain. The first issue, which drops July 29, includes the "Spider Bite Sword." We imagine the following 11 issues will include equally enticing armaments. If you are interested in the story, you can check out a brief preview of Issue no. 1 right here.

[Via Massively]

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