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Ghost Whisperer game earthbound in early 2010


Ghost Whisperer will be crossing over to video games in early 2010. Legacy Interactive will develop Ghost Whisperer: Shadowlands, a game that combines "light adventure and hidden object-style game play." It will include 30 environments and five "enthralling stories," penned by TV writer Lance Gentile. Apparently, the object of the game will be to fulfill Melinda Gordon's role as the afterlife's turnstile.

There doesn't appear to be any confirmation that Jennifer Love Hewitt will provide her voice to the role. It also seems -- WARNING: Total nerd and spoiler moment incoming -- that the game will take place before last season's events, as Melinda's apparently trying to live a normal life with her "paramedic husband, Jim." Yeah, good luck with that.

[Via Big Download]

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