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Halo: ODST DLC shows up on Marketplace


We're still a good two months away from the release of Halo 3: ODST, but that won't stop Microsoft from dropping some DLC onto Xbox Live Marketplace. At least, it might be DLC. The only thing that's instantly recognizable is the Bungie Pro membership, which is already available for Halo 3. Somewhat more mysterious is a piece of content labeled only as "Something Special.." which as the description "..wait for it!" Even more mysterious is the content called "EN Dolphin Data."

Dolphins? We're not sure that that's all about (maybe ODST's real protagonist is Arthur Dent). Whatever it is, if it's anything of consequence at all, it weighs in at 4MB. "Something special.." is only 108KB, making us think it's probably a content unlock of some kind, perhaps the Sgt. Johnson pre-order bonus. Both "Something Special.." and "EN Dolphin Data" are listed as free, though our attempts to download them were met with error messages. It's also worth noting that the content doesn't appear on the main ODST page.

We'd love to think this is the start of some ARG in the style of I Love Bees, but we're guessing someone at Microsoft accidentally sat on the "Enter" key during their coffee break.

[Via XboxInsider]

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