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HTC Firestone shown, or merely imagined?

Chris Ziegler

We've got enough evidence at this point to say with confidence that the leaked HTC lineup from early this year is stone cold real, and if you remember correctly, one of the headline devices in there was the Firestone -- a device likely destined to sit at the very top end of the company's range with aims on replacing the Touch HD. You might also remember that there was a small, crappy pic of the Firestone in there, showing a weird silver corner on the phone's face. That disappeared in a later (almost certainly fake) render, but it's back now -- with a vengeance. Some mysterious figure hooked up wmpoweruser with this latest image, and we're of two opinions here: one, it's crappily-rendered enough to be fake -- but two, even if it is fake, we're thinking it paints a very accurate picture of what the real phone's going to look like. The concept of a front corner-mounted metal mesh loudspeaker has yet to prove its worth in the real world, but if we can get a dreamy list of specs and the rumored capacitive touchscreen to come along for the ride, we might be willing to let it slide.

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