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New Army of Two: 40th Day trailer takes aim at morality


Rios and Salem have a tough choice to make in this latest trailer for Army of Two: The 40th Day. The clip highlights the game's new morality system, a set of scripted events where the player (or players, if you're rocking co-op) must make a choice, shaping the way the game plays out. In the video above, the same scene we saw at E3, Rios and Salem find a gun stash, but a nearby officer walks in and catches the two in the act. As one might assume, he's not to happy with what he sees. Do Rios and Salem put the guns back? Do they take them anyway? Do they just shoot the crap out of the cop? You'll just have to watch to find out! (We've already made our choice.)

The trailer also reveals that noted comic artists Chris Bachalo and Jock have signed up to do some illustrations for the game. Bachalo's even on hand at Comic-Con right now signing stuff, so if you're attending, hit up booth #5213.

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