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'Secret of the Goblin Mine' update to hit Runes of Magic next week

William Dobson

Frogster has dropped some information about the next update for Runes of Magic. The best part about the news? You won't even have to wait a whole week until the patch is released. The update is titled Secret of the Goblin Mine and is focused around a new solo adventure mini-game called -- you guessed it -- the Goblin Mine. Inside there are three tasks to complete with a time limit of 30 minutes. Players will be dressed up as goblins for the duration of the mini-game. The area will only be accessible once a day (and dying will forfeit the chance to beat it) but the victorious should be well-rewarded:

Those who succeed, receive rare armor recipes and handcrafted objects from the treasure chests at the end of the dungeon. There are also two new titles to reward particularly diligent Goblin hunters, one of which being 'Goblin Hero.'

The update will also bring an epic weapon quest series and the plant cultivating system we first heard of a few months ago. There's a preview video for the Goblin Mine available on the RoM official site, to whet your appetite before the patch goes live on the 28th of July.

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