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Touch Revolution's household Android devices coming this year -- it's Hammer time!


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When a former Apple product engineer mixes up some Google-juice with MC Hammer you'd be surprised at what you get. If you guessed a range of household Android devices sporting 4.3- to 10-inch touchscreens, WiFi, and Ethernet connectivity well, that would be weird... but you'd be right. Mark Hamblin, the founder and CEO of Touch Revolution who claims to have worked on the iPhone and iPod touch, breaks down the Touch Revolution product family into three major categories: 1) home control to manage lights, security, heating and ventilation, 2) media control for the TV, stereo, and DVR programming, and 3) home-based smartphones like the NIMble we played with at CES. The first Touch Revolution modules will launch later this year inside a range of devices that can be hand-held, placed on a tabletop, or even embedded in a wall. While not naming names, Hamblin says that the hardware and software will be customized and sold by "companies with major brands" before the end of the year in the "US and elsewhere." As for Hammer, that's hard to say -- but we'd buy pretty much anything he'd like to officially endorse.

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