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Announcing the Chilli X giveaway winners!


We started taking entries for a giveaway last week, with 10 copies of Chilli X's Playlist Alarm Clock up for grabs. If you missed the initial coverage, Playlist Alarm Clock is the iPhone app that lets you build custom playlists for falling asleep and waking up. We asked for your custom playlists and heard from a lot of people with musical tastes ranging from Beethoven to System of a Down. Here are the 10 randomly-selected winners!

  1. iGO (comment #46)
  2. jack bauer (comment #37)
  3. ddelgmac (comment #69)
  4. Ian (comment #22)
  5. jsemtp2005 (comment #35)
  6. Dorv (comment #49)
  7. psn (comment #39)
  8. Samer (comment #71)
  9. +. (comment #67)
  10. Tinez (comment #38)

Chilli X will be contacting the winners directly with the promo codes. Congratulations!

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