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AppleInsider: Apple tablet finally coming next year


So, apparently the Apple netbook/tablet is coming.

No, don't stop reading.

According to AppleInsider, after four years, the long-awaited successor to the Newton is on its way. No, really, they're not kidding. The supposed netbook, which appears to be an iPod touch on steroids, is part of Apple's 2010 lineup, AppleInsider claims. Most of the article details the ebb and flow of stories regarding an Apple tablet for the past four years.

Will there finally be an iTablet? We're not quite sure. Like the rest of you, we'll have to wait and see what 2010 brings. As discussed around the TUAW water cooler today, there are so many similar devices now on the market that Apple is perfectly poised to make a grand entrance and revolutionize the industry -- just like with cell phones. As pointed out, "2010" could easily translate into October 2009 or December 21, 2012.

Part of me wants to check with Chicken Little to see if the sky is falling. But, another part really, really, wants to believe.

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