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Blackjack game may decide producer of Resident Evil 6

Curious about the direction the next entry in the Resident Evil will follow? By the sound of things, so are the franchise's tried-and-true creators. During Capcom's San Diego Comic Con panel, Resident Evil 5 producer Jun Takeuchi responded to a fan's query about the possibility of a series reboot with a startling answer -- he's apparently playing a long-running game of Blackjack with fellow RE5 producer Masachika Kawata to see who will be in charge of the next Resident Evil title. Seriously.

We're not sure if Takeuchi's response was sincere -- after all, he later explained that "it doesn't appear as though either of us is going to be in charge." Still, we wouldn't be surprised if he was telling the truth. There's certainly precedent for this kind of thing. Remember when Satoru Iwata won the presidency of Nintendo from Hiroshi Yamauchi in a high-stakes Cribbage game?

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