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Comic-Con 2009: Scribblenauts towers over everything

Kevin Kelly

Just back in June at E3, we barely noticed Scribblenauts, tucked away in the far reaches of WB's space, tucked behind potted plants and up against the back walls of the convention center. Thankfully we did notice it -- everyone at Joystiq now has an extreme case of Scribblenauts fever.

It seems like WB got the hint as well. In the middle of the main Comic-Con floor hall, WB has a towering booth touting every film, tv, and video game it has coming out. Of course, prominently featured is Batman: Arkham Asylum, with trailers playing on a ginormous WB water tower surrounded by video screens. However, also showing on that same screen is a Scribblenauts teaser urging players to "Write anything. Solve everything."


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