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Guerrilla Games taking a break from Killzone 2, turning on double XP this weekend


Now that Killzone 2's latest DLC pack, Napalm & Cordite, has released, Guerrilla Games is ready to take a break from it all. Guerrilla Games described the situation on the EU Playstation blog (it has since been removed), stating that working on the retail release, patches, DLC and official site updates has been tiring work, prompting a break to "reflect on what is actually out there." Uh, disappointed fans who crave new content?

In less depressing news, the US PlayStation blog countered the EU team with some happier news, revealing that a double XP weekend is in full effect in celebration of the latest DLC pack, Napalm & Cordite. And, hey, if you haven't picked up any of the new maps yet, maybe the DLC bundle package is for you. Nothing goes better with double the XP than new maps and weapons, after all.

Source - Yay! Double XP weekend
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