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Microsoft alters Laptop Hunters "Lauren" ad after Apple calls to complain

Laura June

In a continuation of the saga that began about ten days ago, Microsoft has altered one of its Laptop Hunters ads to reflect Apple's recent price changes. Last we'd heard, Microsoft COO Kevin Turner was boasting that the ads had been so successful that a rep from Apple had called to ask that the ads be pulled. Turner pointed out that Apple's complaint -- that the prices were no longer correct -- was the result of a price cut of "$100 or something." Now it appears that one ad -- the one featuring the second Lauren -- has been re-edited so that she no longer mentions the price of the MacBook Pro ("over $2,000"), which has been dropped to $1,700. We'll be honest -- we don't care how this turns out, just as long as we can keep on using the words "Apple" and "Microsoft" in the same sentence.

[Via Apple Insider]

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