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The Daily Grind: Teleportation/flights versus other travel

William Dobson

The trend with online games has been to loosen up on some of the more hardcore traditions of previous generations. The endless grinding of older MMOs is nowhere near as prevalent as before, with full quest progression offered in many current titles. Another area that's seen a change is the way we travel around our online worlds. In the early days of EverQuest if you didn't have a friend to port you, you might have walked through countless massive and often highly dangerous zones to get to a boat, then actually sit through a whole boat ride (don't go AFK and forget to disembark, or you'll do the trip twice!), simply to travel to another continent.

These days you've probably set up a bind point in a central location, with easy access to flights or ports. EverQuest itself later introduced a hub zone that offered free ports. A game like Free Realms even allows players to just click on any major area on the map to instantly teleport. This ease of access has its benefits -- it undoubtedly saves time and boring repeat journeys. But is there something to be said for the lost immersion that was once had when traveling the world on foot, learning the geographical features and absorbing the environments? Does it take away from the scale of the world for you? Give us your thoughts on travel in MMOs in the comments section.

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