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WoW Moviewatch: Nobody Like You EP3


I don't know how I missed the new installment of Nobody Like You for so long. It was a super treat to realize NinthBatter has released Nobody Like You EP3. The series has become a favorite of mine because of its obvious joy for WoW, strong roots in the overall community, and the sheer fun Ninth seems to have while making these videos. He's also the guy who did the video for the WoW Insider Show Song, which again exemplifies how strongly Ninth is a part of the community.

Episode 3 features a new style of humor from its characters, as they suddenly find themselves breaking the fourth wall and dealing with a new producer. There's quite a few gags that make the most sense if you're familiar with machinima trends, but I still think the jokes are accessible to everyone. The bit with the shirtless Blood Elf singer and backup band unmistakably carries on the discussion about Belf Rap, as well as the criticism that genre receives from its community.

And the song from Arthas during closing credits? Pure comedy gold.

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