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Wowhead launches Premium service

Eliah Hecht

Surprise! Well, it was to me, anyway. Wowhead announced on Wednesday that they are launching a new Premium subscription service. Subscriptions cost from $2.50 to $3.33 a month, depending on how many months you subscribe for at a time, and confer the following benefits:

  • No ads.
  • No CAPTCHAs when you post comments/forum posts, and an increased character limit on those posts.
  • Custom avatars, with special badges and borders, for the forums and user pages.
  • Prioritized placement in the Armory queue for profiler resyncs.
  • A direct line to Wowhead's developers, in case you want to suggest new features or whatever.
  • Premium access to the other ZAM sites (, Allakhazam, and WoWInterface).

Malgayne stresses that unlike some sites, non-premium users on Wowhead are not penalized. The site will continue to work just as beautifully as it always has for users that don't pay a dime.

There is a slight exception to this in the profile resync queue feature, although at the moment it's not a practical issue - not enough requests are being sent for the queue to be a factor.

So what do you think? Are you going to fork over a few bucks to become one of the Wowhead elite, or maybe just to show your support for a fantastic site?

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