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Massively's Runes of Magic Vermillion armor giveaway

Shawn Schuster

Frogster is at it again with yet another in-game armor giveaway for Runes of Magic. You may remember a similar giveaway last month where several prominent MMO news sites (including us) gave out pieces of a complete in-game armor set, called the Jade Warrior set. This month's set, named the Vermillion Warrior's set, is for characters level 23 and above.

We're going to be handling our giveaway quite a bit differently than last month's, though (you're welcome). This time, we've automated the process to make it easier for you, the readers. Simply follow this link to go to our new code page and follow the directions there. Keep reading below for more information and details on the giveaway.

What are these gloves and this armor set?
This tier 3 set of armor is known as the Vermillion Warrior's set and it is available to characters level 23 or higher. You can find out more information on the shirt we're giving away and the entire set over at the Runes of Magic Buffed database.

How do I enter again?
You don't need to submit anything to us or sign up for anything, simply follow this link for our code distribution page. Click the 'claim your key' button and you're set! We expect slow loading times on this server since it's off-site from our Massively site, but try again in a few minutes if you get an error.

Is this for all servers?
This promotion is being run by Frogster America, so it is for US servers only.

Once I get a code, how do I use it?
Simply follow this link and enter your code into your account. Further instructions will be on that page.

How do I get the rest of the pieces in the set?
Four other MMO websites are running this same promotion with different pieces of the Vermillion Warrior armor set. Even we don't know who these other sites are, so the best thing to do is coordinate in the comments and let other readers know what pieces are at what other sites. Also, be sure to check out this thread on the official forums for a list of involved sites as they pop up.

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