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Tinkerfest begins in EverQuest II

William Dobson

You have to give the gnomes of EverQuest II some credit for their devotion to all things mechanical. If you're going to be creepily obsessed with something, it's probably better to go all out than to half-ass it. With their love of machinery in mind, the gnomes have brought back one of their favorite holidays, Tinkerfest. The special occasion was ignored for the last 500 years, which probably stressed out the gnomes immensely, but no longer! The festivities began yesterday and will continue until the 3rd of August.

Those looking to get involved with Tinkerfest should head to the places that you might expect to find gnomes en masse, including Gnomeland Security Headquarters in the Steamfont Mountains, Baubbleshire in Qeynos and Temple Street in Freeport. To get into the Tinkerfest mood, head past the break to see a video that demonstrates how a simple cog can totally change your life.

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