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WRUP: Of alts and Death Knights


As your intrepid Action News Team was preparing for the weekend -- and this weekend's WRUP -- I was struck with an astounding thought. It seemed like just about everyone was rocking out an alt character . . . or a Death Knight. A couple were even going for the gold, and leveling an alt Death Knight. Of course, we have a couple odd folks who don't quite fit that bill. Still, keep an eye on the Lichborne hanging out in a Hellfire Peninsula near you. It might just be one of us.

Check out who's doing what behind the cut.

  • Alex Ziebart (@aziebart): Leveling Turpen, and possibly a random Hunter that I rolled the other day. Draenei Hunter with three different heirloom items, including the bow, is pretty much ezmode city. Also, going to try to get down to GermanFest this weekend.
  • Allison Robert: Continuing to level my Shaman, then finally getting around to fixing my Moonkin set on my main.
  • Amanda Miller: I'll likely be doing some dailies, and then working on Yogg on Sunday.
  • Daniel Whitcomb (@danielwhitcomb) - I actually have quite a few errands to run this weekend, plus I'm going to be headed to the boat races on the river with some friends for at least a few hours on Saturday, so this may be a WoW-sparse weekend. I'll log on for at least one round of AC dailies, though, since that'll finally get me Crusader on my Death Knight.
  • Eddie Carrington (@brigwyn): Playing? I'm suppose to be playing? I don't have time to play! Too much interesting stuff going on. Patch 3.2 drop before Blizzcon? Will Worgen and Goblins take over Azeroth? Are Naga and Murlocs really the next playable race? I'm writing to Monster Quest to find out! In the mean time, I'm going to get Hunter #4 through Outlands.
  • Elizabeth Wachowski: Trying to finish up Dead Space, and maybe returning to Oblivion for relaxing fun.
  • Mark Turpin (@The_T): Leveling up a secret Death Knight, he's Blood and 69, should I re-spec unholy for ghoulish fun? Or is it better just to heal my self through hitting stuff on my way to the level cap?
  • Matthew Rossi: I leveled mine blood and am still blood for tanking, but frost is a lot of fun too. I don't like pet classes, to be honest: Unholy is effectively a plate wearing pet class. So it's up to you if you can take that. Blood plays a lot like an arms warrior who refuses to die, I found it awesome for solo leveling. Oh, also, I'm playing a paladin. Rolled a new one, doing the Draenei starting zones.
  • Michael Gray; I'm playing the 'omgDKissoOP' game, as I continue to explore the seedy side of Azeroth by experimenting with Belfdom. I feel so very, very dirty.
  • Robin Torres (@cosmiclaurel): Had to re-roll The Spawn's gnome warlock (Itchee) on a PvE server, since she obviously plans for us to go the distance with this character. Because I don't have an Alliance character on a non-PvP server, I will be spending my non-Itchee time earning money on that server for a smoother leveling process. Ah, the joys of geek parenthood...
  • Matticus: I've rediscovered the awesomeness that is Battlefield 2.
So, what about you, dear readers? Are you giving in to the temptation of the alt, the Death Knight, or are you doing something else entirely?

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