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Dante's Inferno team apologizes for 'Sin to Win' booth babe contest

A lot of folks were understandably upset by EA and Visceral Games' San Diego Comic Con contest promoting Dante's Inferno. It probably had something to do with the fact that it objectified women in a brutish, almost caveman-esque manner. Your protests were heard -- the game's creators recently published a clarification of the contest rules, and apologized for "any confusion and offense that resulted from our choice of wording."

It's nice that they responded to the negative sentiment this stupid, stupid promotional stunt created, but this kind of undercuts their whole "Circles of Hell" marketing campaign, doesn't it? Apologies just aren't very hellish. We can't imagine Beelzebub begs pardon from those he makes swim through a sea of fire and brimstone for all eternity. "Oh, man. That looks like it hurts. I'm like, really sorry about this, guys. Do you want some aloe?"

[Via Kotaku]

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