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Hackintosh netbook compatibility updated


Boing Boing's gadget blog has updated the list of potential hackintosh netbooks. You can ponder the whole thing or cut to the chase: "...get a HP Mini 1000 or a Dell Mini 9/Vostro A90." While the Mini 9 has been discontinued, the Vostro A90 is apparently a rebadged version of the highly hackable Dell and it works just as well as the original.

The Eee 1000H also scored highly. There are 21 machines on the chart, each scored across 10 items like working Wi-Fi, Ethernet, sound board and so on.

Our own Steven Sande wrote about his experiences with turning a Dell Mini 9 into a hackintosh. His experience was less than optimal, but your own may differ (those Windows and Intel stickers sure do look sweet).

In related news, the fabled and still non-existent "iTablet" is rumored to be coming this year or next, depending on whom you choose to believe. As for me, I'd be happy enough to pick up a 13" MacBook Pro and call it a day. It's small enough for a daily ride in my backpack and is a genuine Mac. But as my hacker friends would say, "Where's the fun in that?"

[Via Gizmodo]

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