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Livescribe for Mac gets handwriting recognition thanks to Vision Objects


When it comes to cool tools for the Mac, the Livescribe Pulse smartpen is one of the most innovative. It's a pen that works with special dot paper to capture your handwriting and drawings, and links what you write to what you hear since it also records every word within earshot. All of that information is transferred to your Mac for future reference.

The Mac software that comes with the Pulse has been lacking in comparison to its Windows sibling in that it couldn't convert handwriting to editable computer text. Livescribe and Vision Objects today announced the Mac version of MyScript for Livescribe, handwriting-recognition software that converts handwritten notes from Livescribe into editable text.

Owners of the Pulse smartpen can create their own dictionaries of commonly used words, abbreviations, names, or terms for even better conversion accuracy. MyScript can directly receive handwritten notes from Livescribe Desktop, convert shapes, tables, and drawings from the pen into editable images, and send converted text from MyScript to Microsoft Word for further editing or to Apple Mail.

A 30-day free trial for Pulse smartpen owners is available here, and the program can be purchased for US$29.95 at any time. MyScript requires Mac OS X 10.4 or higher on an Intel processor.

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