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New details emerge on SWTOR's healing and space components

Kyle Horner

So it looks like those lucky buggers over at IGN sat down with a couple Star Wars: The Old Republic developers and pelted them with as many questions from the community as possible. The results have made our day much brighter, and we're sure yours will benefit in much the same way.

While a lot of the questions were deflected in one way or another -- as this is a game that's probably not coming out for a while -- some tiny new pieces of information did surface. For instance, much of the community has been wondering about healing. Will the game go with the "Holy Trinity" or is something else planned? The answer appears to be a little bit of both. It sounds as though each class has the opportunity to invest resources into healing abilities. Although, BioWare is quick to point out that parties will definitely want some "healers" in higher-level situations.

Insofar as space combat is concerned, it appears that BioWare isn't talking about it, yet. Yes, they didn't flat out deny its existence in the game nor did they give confirmation, so for now we'll have to wait. A large part of the interview merely confirms things we've already known or suspected. Planets will have multiple zones, PvP is important to the team, customization will be very important and all the stuff you'd expect from a game this immense.

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