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Panasonic's DMR-BW970 Blu-ray DVR squirrels away 2TB of your video

Steven Kim

In parts of the world where Blu-ray DVRs are available, there's not a lot to be done in the way of new features or radical improvement. They've already got a lot of the convergence features ironed out, but one thing every media-saturated home can use is more storage. Enter Panasonic's new DMR-BW970 Blu-ray DVR with a capacious 2TB of hard drive storage, which means that by the time you sift through its hundreds of hours of recordings, new content will be popping up in the library. Seriously, if you can't find something worth watching with that much of a back-catalog, you should just pull away from the TV, get outside and try real life for a while -- it's fascinating and one-in-five people find it to be almost as good as HD.

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