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SDCC 09: Dungeon Fighter Online reveals comic book artwork and a new trailer


One of the last things coming out of Comic Con '09 is some of the tasty new artwork and the brand new trailer we've gotten from the Dungeon Fighter Online team during our visit to their booth at the convention. The art is done in complete comic book style, setting up a bit more of the personalities behind the main five characters -- gunner, fighter, mage, priest, and slayer.

We've also received word that this week will mark the start of the closed technical beta for DFO. Server load, network tests, and things of that sort will be the focus of this initial beta. Later will be another closed beta phase which will focus on game balancing and design, as well as player feedback.

Also, Neople, the original developers of Dungeon Fighter Online, will be on hand to aid Nexon with the localization of the game to North American audiences. This will allow the game to come out to our shores just like the developers intended for it to be played.

Interested in seeing our new trailer for the game? Continue reading and catch the trailer after the break!

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