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Star Trek Online unveils cloaking Klingon warship: Vo'Quv Class

James Egan

Some of us at Massively are big fans of stealth classes and gameplay in MMOs. When it comes to space combat, even moreso when you can decloak with enough firepower to wipe out an opponent before they realize what's happening and disappear just as fast. However, will this stealth-focused gameplay be viable in the tactical PvP of Star Trek Online? We can't say for sure yet as there hasn't been much in the way of in-game combat footage, but the info they've released on this latest Klingon Empire warship, the Vo'Quv Class, suggests this type of gameplay might just be possible.

Of course the ship profile is heavy on the lore elements we're sure Star Trek Online fans will want to sink their teeth into, but the specifications released for the Vo'Quv Class offensive and defensive systems list a "Class 7 Cloaking Device" backed up by a complement of disruptor beams which can fire in any direction taking out enemy shields, while multiple torpedo launchers finish the job.

This sounds like a nice combination of ship traits for hit-and-run warfare, but the STO devs have stated the Vo'Quv Class will be used as a flagship: "The Vo'Quv leads the fleet, taking the heaviest hits and dealing devastating strikes in return." The Vo'Quv also jams enemy sensors even while cloaked and can travel great distances with minimal maintenance.

Response from the Star Trek Online community to the Vo'Quv Class seems to be positive, as evidenced by a forum thread connected with the profile.

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