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Upcoming Sony LCDs opt for cheaper motion, backlighting tech


Waiting on the next generation of Sony LED-backlit LCDs? FlatpanelsHD has some information on the next edition of Sony's BRAVIA sets, dubbed in the UK as the X5500. The key difference here is instead of the company's current Motionflow tech and Triluminos LED backlighting, these sets will opt for Black Frame Insertion technology to up the Hz rate, and while it's still a local dimming LED set, white LEDs will come inside instead of the previous three color setup, reducing cost, but also image quality. Of course, DLNA and AppliCast widget support will all be part of the package, so if you, like us, were looking for a cheaper alternative to Sony's high end sets you'll also be keeping an eye out for these to debut around IFA 2009 in September.

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