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Civilization building MMO Dawntide sets sights on closed beta


If you ever wanted the chance to create your own society and then rule over it with an iron fist, then you may want to check out Danish developer Working As Intended's first title, Dawntide.

Dawntide is taking a more experimental approach to their MMO by attempting to capture all of the Bartle gamer types in one swing -- the explorer, socializer, killer, and achiever. To that end the game is offering meaningful combat, a player driven economy, territorial ownership, item "invention" mechanics, and options for players to create their own societies. Their goal in having players create societies is a hope that this type of play will offer options for everyone -- the socializer to create traction for their government, the explorer to find suitable areas of land, the achiever to push forwards with new ideas and items, and the killer to protect or upend these ideals.

Dawntide has just opened up their applications for phase one of closed beta, and you can get into the ground floor by filling out the form on their main website.

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