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Fantasy MMORPG Alganon to hold public beta in September

William Dobson

This is our first post about Alganon, so we've gone and done a bit of digging to find out more about it. If the game has flown under your radar too, the results of our research might be of some interest to you:

  • It's a fantasy MMORPG with seven classes of the sort you might expect, but each class will be able to slightly alter their capabilities at will to better fit different group situations. This is known as the "Dual Role System".
  • The "Studies" system will allow for offline progression, to make it easier for casual players to keep up with those that are more active.
  • MyAlganon is a social networking site linked to the game for in-game data, communication with other players, guild hosting and (currently) beta information. It also links to "The Library", which is a repository of game knowledge and a place to view various leaderboards.
  • The game is currently planning to use a subscription business model but this may change later on.
These are but a few of the features that Alganon has -- you can see more on their About page (you also might want to have a look at their FAQ). If you've read through the information and think you might want to get involved with the game, you'll be pleased to know that a private beta test is currently underway and a public beta is scheduled to launch in September. To get into the tests, register at MyAlganon and then make a post in this thread.

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