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The Daily Grind: Do you prefer leveling grouped or solo?

William Dobson

While there are some MMOs that try to handle their progression differently, the bulk of them probably offer some form of combat-centric leveling. Killing large quantities of NPCs, doing quests and exploring dungeons is the norm. However, whether these things are done alone or with others is usually still left up to the player. These days games are very accommodating when it comes to classes having the ability to solo. Sure, some will be better than others, but for the most part soloing should at least be an option.

What we'd like to ask you today is how you approach this choice. Do you like to join up with a band of fellow adventurers and take on harder content to get your levels, or even just tackle solo content faster together? Perhaps you have a regular group that negates the need for the often-tiresome "Looking For Group" process. Alternatively, you might enjoy the ability to log on and get straight into leveling on your own, without relying on others. Maybe you've been scarred by too many bad groups! For some, leveling solo is just a time thing -- you have no time to wait around for LFGing and the group formation process, which can sometimes take longer than you were planning to be online. To these folks we ask: when you do have the time, do you make use of it to group, or are you happier just soloing anyway?

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