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AESIR's UFO-like UAV spotted above Wales, is ideal for your next Metal Gear Solid cosplay

Tim Stevens

Unmanned autonomous vehicles come in all shapes and sizes, but we still haven't lost the sense of wonderment of watching the things go about their business while hapless humans watch from afar. AESIR's Embler is the latest we've seen, sporting a UFO-like design and a top-mounted fan that's completely protected should the thing bump into any buildings or insurgents whilst gliding to its next waypoint. Vanes counteract the torque generated by the spinning blades, while flaps open and close to shove it this way or that. Right now AESIR has no military buyers for the device, perhaps because it doesn't look to be entirely autonomous just yet, but after watching the video below we're reaching for our collective checkbooks.

[Via Danger Room]

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