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Aliens vs. Predator 'Marines' trailer highlights the plight of puny humans

Sega's Aliens vs. Predator recently received a new trailer, titled "Marines" -- seriously, are they trying to make us confuse this game with Aliens: Colonial Marines? It's bad enough that there's like, seven Aliens games being developed right now. You don't need to make this any harder on us, guy-in-charge-of-naming-trailers.

However, the moniker does fit -- the video above tells the terrifying story of the unsung third party in the AvP conflict: Humans. Traditionally, most shooters let their human protagonists mow down waves of extraterrestrials with little trouble -- however, said extraterrestrials usually don't have acid spit. Nor can they turn invisible. Nor do they have giant arm swords. Nor do they make alien babies in our chests. Hey, we had a good run, humanity. Looks like it's time to pack it in.

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