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Apple adds keywords to App Store additions


Earlier this week, Apple took a step towards making iPhone and iPod touch apps easier to find. Specifically, developers can now add comma-separated keywords to their apps, up to 255 characters.

Hopefully this will make it easier to find apps, because it's certainly not easy now. The categories are so vast and each one so densely packed (there are 65,000+ apps in the store as of this writing), that finding the one app that will do what I want is a chore.

Keywording is a small step, but as Tim Cook noted in last week's earnings conference call, there is plenty of room for "further improvement" in app listings and search/accessibility for finding the apps you want.

Since the store's purpose is to drive iPhone sales (from Apple's perspective), we're sure they're motivated to get it right.

Update: At least one developer is reporting an issue with the new service.

[via AppleInsider]

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