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Crestron makes room in its CEDIA booth for Runco, Planar (update: Runco not in Crestron booth, CEDIA plans forthcoming)

Steven Kim

Those shopping for a 100-inch VideoWall or say, a $20,000 projector will be pleased to know that Runco will be at September's CEDIA tradeshow, after all. Although the Planar/Runco presence at the custom-oriented show was in doubt, Crestron made room in its huge CEDIA booth for the brands will be at CEDIA -- which sounds like a good match to us, especially if Runco delivers on its promise to show off a new "benchmark" front projection product. No doubt it'll be something beyond our tax bracket (ditto for the Crestron gear), but we'll try to get a look at what Runco's cooking up when we go through the exhibition hall.

Update: The original source article has been pulled, but a check with Crestron confirms that there is no formal CEDIA collaboration between Crestron and Runco/Planar. For its part, Runco plans to make an official announcement regarding its CEDIA plans in the next few days. Stay tuned!

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