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EA confirms first three fighters on EA Sports MMA roster


UFC president Dana White may be concerned about EA trying to poach his talent for EA Sports MMA, but the first three mixed martial artists announced for the game aren't on his payroll -- although one of them was, before being unceremoniously ejected from the promotion.

The just-announced lineup is led by World Alliance of Mixed Martial Arts (WAMMA) heavyweight champion, Fedor Emelianenko. The Russian-born fighter has fought around the world for promotions including Pride and, most recently, Affliction. EA hasn't said if Emelianenko will be on the game's cover, but it could do far worse than the man universally recognized as the world's top MMA athlete.

Former K-1 fighter Gegard Mousasi joins Emelianenko, as does the man he's scheduled to fight August 15 for the Strikeforce light heavyweight title, Renato Sobral. Sobral, a former UFC fighter, was let go by Dana White after he ignored the referee's orders and choked his opponent out during UFC 74. The unsporting conduct drew boos from the crowd, cost him half of his $50,000 fight purse and lead to White calling his actions "completely unacceptable" -- just as they're likely to be in EA's MMA title.

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