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Fat Princess Home space arrives tomorrow, Trophy list arrives now

Jem Alexander

Tomorrow, Fat Princess begins its invading spree. First it'll invade the PlayStation Store, then it'll invade PlayStation Home and then, finally, the game will invade our hearts. The European Home Events space will be decked out with Fat Princess characters and you will be tasked with answering eight questions about the game in order to win slices of cake. Obtaining all eight slices will net you a Princess Throne for your Home apartment.

We're not sure whether this space will be available in the US version of Home too, but don't worry Americans, we've got something for you here, too. The Trophy list for Fat Princess has been handed to us on a crumb-littered silver platter, and you can check out some of the hilarious names the devs have dreamt up right now. Our favorite? "The Cake Is Not A Lie," obviously!

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