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Foundation 9 closes Fizz Factor studio, cuts back at Double Helix


We had just grown accustomed to laying off gratuitous use of our dreadful "layoffs" tag, but alas, an unhappy economy continues to produce unhappy stories such as this one. In a move first reported by VentureBeat, Foundation 9 Entertainment has announced several cost-cutting measures to its employees. The company is currently working on various versions of G.I. Joe (pictured), Where the Wild Things Are and the PSP entry in the Assassin's Creed franchise.

The group's Austin, Texas-based Fizz Factor studio will be closed, while the Amaze and Griptonite teams (both based in Kirkland) will be merged under the leadership of the latter's studio head, J.C. Connors. According to a statement released by Foundation 9, "Having separate 'console' and 'handheld' studios under the same roof simply didn't make sense in light of the convergence in capabilities of modern game hardware!" Exclamation point.

Foundation 9 will also be implementing cutbacks at Double Helix, the Californian studio responsible for Konami's Xbox 360 and PS3 stab at survival-horror, Silent Hill Homecoming.

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