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Mass Effect 2 presses reset on Shepard's abilities


Things are getting crazy with this Mass Effect 2 video game from Bioware. First, we're led to believe Shepard is dead, then he (or she) is not. Then we find out all of our decisions in the first game will affect the sequel. Now, Computerworld (via The Escapist) informs us that the Shephard we know, love, and have spent so many hours grinding won't have all of his (or her) abilities in the second game. During an interview, producer Casey Hudson said, "There's something that's happening with the story that explains what happens with your abilities. It's something we can't go into detail about for obvious reasons."

It makes sense. If you're starting off an epic quest like the one we assume takes place in Mass Effect 2, it's not good design to have the player start as a jacked, unstoppable god of a man (or woman). It's not like this is Prototype or something ...

[Via The Escapist]

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