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Night Game's 'Hard Mode' explained, kind of


In an interview with Nintendo Life, Nicalis's Tyrone Rodriguez offered numbers indicating the size of WiiWare's Night Game: "There are 10 levels--or worlds, each with about 13 areas--and two difficulty modes," he said. "Right now they're called Normal and Hard, but we have to rename the Hard one to encourage people to try it."

Apparently, Hard-or-whatever mode will "change the topography of the levels a lot" and offer different puzzles. In a game built entirely around environmental puzzles like that, with no enemies, that's about the only way a hard mode could be instituted without awful time limits. "It's more like playing a new set of levels than getting the normal ones in a harder format," he said. It sounds like some alteration of the base levels to create new challenges. Maybe Hard Mode is the regular game, inverted? Although looking at the above screenshot, maybe not.

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