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Twilight MMO to stop female interest in reality, threaten human race [Update]

Update: As some of our commenters point out, the so-called Twilight Video Game appears to be a few undying fans with a thirst for more Twilight content. A MySpace image discovered by a commenter reveals the game is nothing more than a digital love letter to the series from a few college fans. Twilight MMO not confirmed, the world lives for another day.

Hold on to your coffin! A game based on the book (and now film) series Twilight is currently in development. Threatening to keep women across the world glued to their computer for eternity, details on the game are slim. According to the official Twilight: The Video Game website, the title is an MMO-style "interactive experience" with the ability to relive key moments from the books Twilight, New Moon and Midnight Sun.

What we do know is that the Twilight video game will allow players to jump into the free-roaming world as human, vampire or werewolf (why would anyone pick human?), encounter characters from the franchise, and decorate a home with collectible knickknacks and tchotchkes (à la The Sims, but with less direct sunlight). Should be interesting if you're a fan of the novels, but prepare to be hated by Harry Potter fans everywhere who are still waiting for an MMO to call their own.

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