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Wink Glasses fog up if you start dozing, keep you occupied during those graveyard shifts

Darren Murph

If you've never pulled your weight during the wee hours of the morning (like, right now), you simply can't understand what a godsend these things really are. The so-called Wink Glasses are little more than a USB peripheral that clips onto one's spectacles when using the computer; if the wearer doesn't blink every five seconds, the device begins to fog up your shades until you snap back into it. In theory, anyway, this acts to keep you awake and alert while computing for hours on end, but everything goes to waste if you simply detach it or remove your eyeglasses entirely. At any rate, it'll ship in Japan (where else, right?) early next month for an undisclosed sum, and we're already betting it'll have great success in the gag gift market if nothing else.

[Thanks, Chris]

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