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DSi firmware v1.4 drops in Japan, Facebook connectivity arrives alongside [update]


It seems that Nintendo DSi owners in Japan have already started digitally receiving their copies of the newest firmware, v1.4. The refresh brings little more than the Facebook photo uploading we heard (very little) about back at E3 2009. How little more, you ask? The Nintendo Japan page also lists "faster image display speed in [the] DSi camera." That's it.

Nintendo announced during E3 that the functionality would be hitting American DSis "this fall." We've asked the company for a more firm release date in other territories and will update this post if we hear back. In the meantime, check out a quick walkthrough that our pal Ittousai from Engadget Japan put together for us, just after the break.

Update: Nintendo has responded to us by saying "We have not announced a launch date."

[Via Engadget Japan]

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