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Metareview: Wii Sports Resort

Justin McElroy

OK, so maybe high quality from a first-party Nintendo title isn't surprising necessarily, but we can't help but be a little shocked at how much we and the rest of the enthusiast press have been enjoying it. But, in the inimitable words of LeVar Burton, it's not necessary for you to take our word for it.
  • Giant Bomb (100/100): "Unless you're the kind of sullen misanthrope who can only feel at peace when getting headshots with some kind of virtual scope, you'll surely find something about Wii Sports Resort that keeps both you and your non-gaming friends or family coming back for more."
  • 1UP (A-): "Like Wii Sports, not every minigame in Resort is worth your time, but almost every one is unlocked right from the start, so you're free to ignore whatever parts you don't like and focus on the events you have the most fun with."
  • Joystiq: "Wii Sports Resort deserves to be in every Wii owner's library, whether you're a hardcore gamer or someone who only occasionally picks up the Wiimote and Nunchuk. It has every sport unlocked out of the box, but for those that want to spend the time, there are plenty of variations to unlock in the long run. Some of the games are tiring (looking at you, Canoeing!), but overall Wuhu Island has plenty to enjoy and is a necessary destination for anyone that enjoyed Wii Sports."
  • PGNX Media (93/100): "Even though Nintendo didn't hit 12/12 I'd say that four of the games (Swordplay, Archery, Table Tennis and Power Cruising) are amazing, must-play experiences, another four (Basketball, Canoeing, Air Sports and Wake Boarding) are fantastic, and the rest (excluding Cycling) are worth a few play throughs."

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