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Pachter: Modern Warfare 2, StarCraft II will each sell 4 million in no time flat


You know what this image means -- prolific pontificator and games industry analyst Michael Pachter is once again going all Nostradamus on us, this time with regard to Modern Warfare 2 and StarCraft 2 sales predictions. Quoted in a Gamasutra article, Wedbush Morgan's games guy says he feels, "[Modern Warfare 2] has the potential to sell an extra four million copies this year due to the big advertising push." Wait -- this year? The game comes out in November. Yikes.

As for Blizzard's hotly anticipated sci-fi RTS, Pachter believes StarCraft 2 will break the four million sold mark within the first quarter (three months!) it's on sale. The one thing he can't predict: exactly when that on-sale date will be. C'mon, Michael, maybe if you combine the crystal ball, some bones and tea leaves? (Or is that how you access the hidden room in level 1-1 ... ?)

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