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Rumor: Details about Warren Spector's 'Epic Mickey' emerge


Yesterday, we posted a bunch of concept art apparently from Junction Point Studios' "Epic Mickey" project -- art cool enough to make us want a Disney game for the first time since we grudgingly accepted the Disney theme in Magical Tetris Challenge.

Today, CVG has posted some info from an anonymous source about the design of the game, which makes it sound kind of Okami-like, in that player interact with levels by painting directly onto them with the Wii Remote. "This 'painting your way' involves you drawing, etching and erasing whole or parts of levels as you go." Unsurprisingly, given the reliance on the pointer, CVG says the game is a Wii exclusive.

The story CVG describes had better be the real story. "
We've also been told that it'll be based around very old and/or forgotten Disney characters who are out to get their revenge on Mickey," according to the site, "presumably because they're jealous of all his fame and fortune." Lending credence to this storyline is the fact that Oswald the Lucky Rabbit can be seen on the rocket in the above artwork.

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