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Tales of Monkey Island is Telltale's 'strongest performing' title


Steam sales charts suggested that Telltale Games' relaunch of the Monkey Island franchise, Tales of Monkey Island, was doing well. Telltale's Dan Connors gave Videogamer an idea of just how well: "It was a great launch for us," he said. "We're really happy with it. I think it even exceeded our expectations."

Connors didn't offer specific numbers, but he said that Tales of Monkey Island outperformed Telltale's other launches. "I would definitely say it's our strongest performing franchise to date," he said. "We're pretty excited. It was number one on Steam for a few days. It did really well. It's been our best performing title from our side as well."

With the WiiWare version having launched just this Monday (and not having been mentioned by Connors), it's unlikely that it factors into Telltale's rejoicing. We're eager to find out how the console version's launch compares.

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