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Zero Motorcycles bridges the dirt/street gap with the Zero DS electric motorcycle

Tim Stevens

We love motorcycles, and we love things that help the environment, so it's no secret that we loved the Zero S electric supermoto when we got to take it for a spin through the urban wasteland. That bike has now been set free from the world of asphalt, given some knobbies, beefier wheels, and brawnier suspension to make it just as good when the pavement ends, as the video below shows. It also has a much brighter light, which may put something of an additional drain on the battery (range is still rated at 50 miles), but will make it easier to find puddles to avoid -- or to aim for. This bike fills the void between the company's street and dirt offerings, and while it might not be quite as good over the yumps as the offroad-only Zero MX, it has the distinct advantage of not requiring a truck or trailer to get there in the first place. The DS costs $9,950, the same as the Zero S, and is available for order now.

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